Satya believes that she is meant to help empower others so that they may connect with their inner selves through the power of love. Since birth, she has been a sensitive, feeling person. When she realized that having a strong connection to her feelings was a strength, she wanted to use that connection in order to teach others how being in touch with their feelings can enrich their lives.

After experiencing a spiritual awakening, Davies then spent thousands of hours practicing meditation. Through this process, she became what she terms as an urban monk. Even when she was a child, meditation was something that she practiced without understanding what it was. Through her meditative process, Davies learned that profound healing and deep happiness require people to heal their emotional wounds and then to use a higher degree of emotional courage in their everyday lives. She believes that people share a common purpose to know their true selves and to learn truth and love through their connections to life.

A life path that is authentic is one that is emotionally honest and human. People who are on such paths experience life more fully and as they were meant to experience it. When they are connected to their feelings, people have deeper connections with others, have more compassion for themselves and are able to love others in new ways. People are able to love others openly and courageously while allowing themselves to be more vulnerable.

On a self- mastered journey, the soul’s passions and desires unfold from faith and love throughout life. This is the destiny of every person who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and connectedness. As a life coach, she helps to guide others so that they learn to let go of the things that cannot be controlled and to instead focus on controlling their spirits. Davies has six years of experience working one-on-one with hundreds of clients. Her life’s work is to help others to find their own self love and life purpose.


” Be not afraid, but let your world be lit by miracles.” -A course in Miracles

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