As a Professional Certified Spirit First Life Coach, I was taught advanced level life skills and professional coaching techniques that will help you to quickly achieve your self-help goals. I will study your case history so that we can create a self-mastered formula that is specifically designed for you, to help you achieve your self-mastered goals as quickly as humanly possible.

As a Spirit First Life Coach, I pledge to help every being who desires to journey home to their self, by assisting you to comprehend yourself spiritually. Each session we work together to discover the deepest calling of your sacred heart. Whether you’re seeking love, self- empowerment, self- love, achieving a specific goal or just want to live a more full balanced life. I will combine all my life trainings, degrees in counseling, yoga, nutrition, meditation and my own
self – mastery tools to help support you through this journey.

My relationship with you will be encouraging, loving, protective, authentic, practical, collaborative and holistic. I will do all that I can to help you feel safe I the world.

• Self-Love
• Self-Help Development
• Create Permanent Behavioral Change
• Inspire Creativity
• Healing the body, mind and soul one day at a time
• Training The EGO-MIND
• Dis-Create Unwanted Behavior’s
• Create Your Life Visions & Goals
• Observe & Correct
• 1st Party Communication
• Self-Discovery
• Generate New Possibilities
• Provide Accountability
A free 20 minute session with Satya
-Breathing exercises
-Find inner self love
-Become clear on goals, dreams and desires
-Move through obstacles
-Take inspired action
-Bring your vision to life