“The greatest gift you have to offer is that of your own transformation.”

Yoga is a vehicle for us as humans to arrive in the present moment. Yoga is a means of waking up from our spirit, so we can remember all that we already know. Developed as a pragmatic science by ancient prophets many centuries ago, yoga is a practice that any person, regardless of age, sex, race or religious belief, can use to realize his and her full potential. It is a means of staying in intimate connection with yourself and those forces that bind all living things together.

Satya began her yoga and meditation journey to find the love with in her self. Yoga helped established and sustained a intimate connection with her true self and this became the core of her every experience. Satya believes a steady practice of yogic techniques can inspire profound physical and spiritual transformation. As a teacher Satya feels that yoga and meditation is a the core of what we need to recognize our own inner truth. Yoga brings forth a beautiful sense of joy, creativity and peace into your heart!!

Satya is a Certified Yoga Alliance Instructor, E-RYT 200, RYT 500, and a Certified Meditation Coach. She studies a variety of disciplined meditation and yoga practices. Satya has spent the last decade of her life on an extensive spiritual journey that has empowered her to overcome many fears in her life and ultimately finding self-love. Satya leads her life by her intuition and honoring her intention to help others become more conscious within becoming more consciously aware. Satya feels truly honored to be able to live out her Dharmic purpose. Satya is so thankful that she can reach out to as many people as she does by sharing how powerful yoga and meditation can be as a means to dwell in a state of inner balance.

She believes that yoga and meditation is about self-acceptance. How you can find the you in the now present moment. Yoga and meditation is the beginning path to relax and open the body through postures and breathing exercises that were designed to balance, calm and repair. Yoga can be for everyone, using breath, postures, and philosophy to bring mindfulness thinking and awareness into your daily life. Satya is passionate about yoga and meditation and the ability to help you awaken all your senses. Satya’s here to help guide you into living a more full balanced life.

What you will learn:
• Stable yoga postures
• Connect deeply to your inner being
• Proper body alignment
• Creates balance and harmony in the body
• Releasing tension
• Cooling to the mind
• Openness
• Reduces anxiety
• How to observe and see bodies
• Core breathing exercises
• Confidence and self esteem
• An introduction into subtle body, Ayurveda and meditation

• Mind – Clarity, balance, harmony, reduce ego mind chatter, stillness, meditation, shift thinking and behavioral patterns through observation
• Body – Better sleep, reduce anxiety, increase blood flow, reduce stress, improve flexibility, build strength, increase energy, create endurance
• Soul – Access the higher Self, self love, wisdom

What to expect:
• Satya is a licensed yoga teacher who guides clients through private one- on-one sessions.
• Every session is modified to fit all experience levels.
• If you choose to participate in my yoga / meditation program, you’ll begin to experience the healing benefits as quickly as the first session. The time is now to let go and feel the benefits!

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