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About Satya

A spiritual life coach, Satya believes in sharing the coaching and counselling techniques that she has used to connect with her true self with others. Her counselling and teaching methods have helped to guide her along her path of transformation, allowing her beautiful spirit to shine through everything that she does. Satya believes in using a variety of different teaching methods in her spiritual counselling practice. Among the methods she uses are spiritual coaching, mindfulness meditation, yogic healing and plant-based nutrition. As a life coach, she helps to guide others so that they learn to let go of the things that cannot be controlled and to instead focus on controlling their spirits. Her life’s work is to help others to find their own connections with their true selves through loving, living and leading with true emotional self mastered life.

Spiritual Coaching

Satya began her own self-mastery journey with extensive yoga teacher training, spiritual mentoring and meditation. Satya is a certified E-RYT 200, RYT 500 Yoga Teacher and Educator. Satya is a certified K.R.I. Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation (Kundalini, Yin, Bikram, Hot, Flow, Hatha) for a decade. She then received her Spiritual psychology master’s degree from Cornell University and is now a certified spiritual life coach (ASLC/ACYTT). Satya lives in Jacksonville Beach, Florida with her husband and her two dogs Hydee and Sydney.

If you are ready to claim your authentic truth, you have come to the right place.

For more information on how to Work with Satya, feel free to head on over to her Spirit First Coaching Page.

I am here to uplift & serve your mind, body and Spirit!

Praise for Satya

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help throughout the coaching course so far.

Satya, you have gone above and beyond what was 'required' of you and have really been helpful where possible. You are always so positive and have helped me believe in myself when things looked too overwhelming. From small questions to larger problems, your directive yet nurturing nature creates a forward moving and helpful session every time.

I know I still have a lot of the course to finish but I have felt genuinely supported on the journey which has been much smoother with your help.

Huge thank you...

When I started with Satya, I knew I was ready to transition my life, but I did not understand how. I was starting a divorce, changing jobs and not taking care of me. Satya helped me with the tools and took time to help remind me to relearn who I am, what I want and what is stopping me from finding the happiness and spiritual wealth I want. I was well read, but had not internalized many things. Satya is wonderful at being encouraging, yet still recognizing when my ego was taking over. Her gentle and focused discussions help me connect and focus on my spirit. I had many blocks she helped me identify, feel and release. She helped me find my emotional orgasm. Satya’s coaching has been amazing and patient. Amidst the struggles of divorce and job change when it is so easy to disconnect, she reminded me to parent myself, set healthy boundaries, and keep going. As I began this adventure, I knew I was ready for a transition, but I am so appreciative of the coaching and support that helped me not just through a challenging time, but gives me the tools I need to continue to have the peace I so greatly need. She reminded me I have the power within me. Thank You, Satya!!!
Thank you- Jamie

I hired Satya as a Life Coach and she has been amazing from day one. Satya has helped me to get my confidence back both personally and professionally and get rid of my fear of failing, which was the biggest issue for me to succeed. Through Satya's guidance and simple strategies I have found the confidence that I need to work hard on my photography business. I now know how to define my own success, which i'm now living & I have never felt more motivated and happy. I would recommend Satya to anyone!

I truly appreciate your kindness and support while reaching out to help me learn all I can. I appreciate that you call me on my ego as needed. Your guidance has been amazing! ??you remind me I can do it, and I am amazing.
Huge thank you coach Satya!!


I decided to work with Satya because I was not enjoying my day to day life, I had no direction for my future and I didn’t know how to change all of this. I signed up for 6 sessions with Satya and after only 4 sessions my entire outlook on my current life situation had switched from hopeless to completely enthusiastic and proactive.

Throughout our sessions, Satya helped me bring more of what I want into my daily life. She asked questions, made suggestions and encouraged me to take steady action towards my new goals and desires in life.

The entire coaching process was very collaborative and simply felt like I was getting help and advice from a good friend. Satya has a very positive and encouraging nature and always showed a real interest in my results and my success.

I would highly recommend Satya's services and I hope to work with her again soon.

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